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♛ in love with a fairy tale

Hi there I'm Arden! 22. Female. American. Feminist. INFP. Hufflepuff.

my blog: rats, disney, george blagden, miserables, pocket monsters, hunger games, hannibal, hp, fall out boy, your guess is as good as mine.

P.S. my blog is p much always on a queue for non-personal posts uwu

Here are my:
Chicken Smoothie

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Aug 22 '12

(Source: disneyparkloves)

Mar 10 '12


You know it’s a college spring break when people are walking around with beer at 11:15.

You know you’re in Disney when people are walking around with alcohol at 11:15.

Or maybe that’s just in World Showcase…

Jan 17 '12

Updated Civil Union Map


Doesn’t it look so much better

well, you see, there’s most of Florida on anything related to lgbt

and then there’s Disney World sitting there in the middle

( link and link )

Jan 12 '12

Day 30: Your Favorite Show

The Carousel of Progress - Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom
Jan 10 '12

Day 28: Your Favorite Theme Park

The Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World
Sep 25 '11